The Authentic Flamenco Performance Brought To The Middle East

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About us

Flamenco Art & Entertainment is a top entertainment management company. We’re proud of our Spanish roots and are known for providing unique and full-scale entertainment services. Our team is celebrated for our vast talent and our unique touch in the lively entertainment scene of Dubai.
Our team, filled with passion, discipline, and professionalism, adds a great amount of creativity to all the projects we handle. This touch of Spain, along with our understanding of international trends, makes us a popular choice in the business.

At Flamenco Art & Entertainment, we’re committed to growing and improving all the time. Our team works hard to find the best artists and to come up with new ideas that audiences will love. We aim to do more than just entertain; we want to create experiences that draw in and delight our clients.

Our mission is to add the rhythm, passion, and drama of flamenco to every event, making it unforgettable. At Flamenco Art & Entertainment, every performance is a work of art, and every client is important to us. Come with us as we bring the excitement of Spain to the modern stages of Dubai.

Our Services


We meticulously design and adapt top-tier performances to match your specific venue and spatial requirements, while ensuring we uphold the highest standards of quality for the show.


From buttoned-up corporate affairs to intimate private celebrations, our mission is to dazzle your guests with unforgettable entertainment!

Artist Management

Our pursuit for fresh talent across a spectrum of disciplines is unceasing. While Flamenco is our signature, our experience spans beyond.

Flamenco Classes

Immersed in the rhythm of Flamenco Art, we revel in sharing it with you. Offering group and private lessons catered to every skill level.

Our Productions


Dive into a captivating fusion of Flamenco’s fervor and Opera’s drama. Experience the rhythmic dance, emotive vocals of Flamenco blending seamlessly with Opera’s majestic melodies. It’s a riveting blend of two art forms, creating a uniquely stirring and unforgettable spectacle.

Embajada Flamenca

“Experience a captivating Flamenco show, weaving the rich tapestry of Moors and Christians heritage. Witness the potent storytelling of this dynamic art form, as it unfolds the intertwined history, culture, and emotions of these two influential groups through rhythmic dance steps, passionate music, and evocative performances.”

our clients

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